Worldwide, there are lots of diets for dogs and cats developed depending on the age of the animal, its activity, certain breed requirements. The key task of feed producers is to create full-fledged feed able to fully meet animals' needs. And primarily this is about the balance of nutrients and good taste, as well as support for animals' health and natural beauty. Currently, modern TM Optimeal nutrition combines key qualities of daily diets for dogs and cats. These products are made from high quality raw materials based on European technologies and contain components able to support health of the gastrointestinal tract, increase the organism's resistance to diseases (Immunity Support Mix), as well as improve the skin and hair condition, thereby maintaining the natural beauty of our pets (Health & Beauty).

Each of Optimeal nutritional components adds respective qualities to these diets for maintaining protective functions of the skin. Thus, omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, zinc and biotin have a positive effect on the skin condition, increase its shine and elasticity, and contribute to normal hair formation. This is very important in grooming, especially when preparing animals for exhibitions. Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids are part of lipids secreted by sebaceous glands and forming a protective film on the skin surface. In turn, biotin (vitamin H) is involved into circulation of these fatty acids, which ensure formation of the protective (barrier) function of the skin. Adding zinc can reduce loss of water and prevent dysfunction of synthesis of keratin - one of main proteins of the skin forming its corneal layer. Addition of the Actigen prebiotic to the diet maintains health of the digestive system, promotes excretion of pathogenic bacteria from the body, and restores the normal intestinal microflora. Natural antioxidants SubSTAR ULTRA, a rosemary-based formula, protect cells of the organism from damage, promote the normal cell renewal process, including stimulating growth of hair follicles, prevent hair loss, and show a tonic effect on skin.

New Optimeal diets are available as dry food for dogs and cats, as well as pouches for cats. Dry food for dogs includes the basic diet line, the composition of which contains different types of meat - turkey, duck, and chicken. As a hypoallergenic diet, salmon-containing feed is offered for dogs of large and medium breeds.

An interesting innovation of TM Optimeal, which now has no analogues among European diets, is grain-free food based on turkey or duck meat with vegetables for adult dogs and cats. These feeds do not contain cereals at all, while turkey or duck meat serves as a source of protein, which, unlike chicken, is less commonly used for everyday feeding of animals. Therefore, these diets may be prospectively used as hypoallergenic feeds for allergy predisposed animals that have never eaten turkey or duck meat.

For kittens and adult cats, a range of dry chicken, lamb, duck and veal meat based food is offered, as well as veal, lamb and vegetables, chicken, and rabbit pouches. Moreover, a separate full-fledged diet for sterilized cats was developed on turkey and oat basis.

Each of the above diets is balanced by the nutrient content and can be selected for daily feeding of a dog or a cat. After all, the right choice of food for our pets is a guarantee of their health and beauty for many years ahead.


Dmytro Morozenko,

Veterinary Doctor

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