We invite you to cooperate with us as part of the "Optimeal Breeder" program.

We pay close attention to improving the quality of life of animals. The health of our pets and their natural beauty inspire us to develop constantly. Therefore, each of our immune-supporting Optimeal formulas is developed under the supervision of veterinarians and specially perfected to maintain the health of your pets and provide them with impeccable vitality.

We took into account the wishes of the nursery owners, developed a special assortment and conditions for the "Optimeal Breeder" program, among the main advantages of which is:

• An assortment of unique products for the health and beauty of your pets at a special price

• Convenient ordering system

• Participation in seminars, exercises, promotions for breeders

• Gift sets for owners of puppies or kittens

• Specialist consultations

• Individual approach

The program is designed for breeders whose professional status is confirmed by the relevant documents.

To join the program "Optimeal Breeder " you must register.

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