New trend for canine nutrition: OPTIMEAL PRIVILEGE

On 8th of May 2018 at an international expo Interzoo in  Nurnberg (Germany) brand of a super premium nutrition for domestic pets  Optimeal presented a new line of feeds for small and tiny dogs Optimeal Privilege.

Interzoo – is the biggest trade expo for domestic pets. It takes place twice a year in Nurnberg (Germany) and it geathers best companies in pet industry. The expo is a unique chance to stay in tune with all the innovations in nutrition and care sphere for domestic animals. Among 60 countries Ukraine was represented for second time in a row by Optimeal brend.

On the expo Optimeal presented different lines for feeding domestic cats and dogs. Special attention by the visitors was payed to the new trend  – wheat free ration,  and a new product of 2018 feeds for small and tiny dogs Optimeal Privilege.

Representatives of the brand have adamant belief that strong immune system equals a healthy pet. Since Optimeal production contains unique immune complex Immunity Support Mix, that strengthen the immune system and sustains the health of an animal. The complex contains: specially purified beta glucans, prebiotics of a new generation Actigen, natural antioxygen SubStar ULTRA with rosemary as the main component, Omega 3 and 6, zink, biotin, vegetables and herbs. All rations recived more than 95% of positive feedbacks from Ukrainian Veterinary Guild. Caring about the health and wellbeing of household pets brand introduces new production technologies.

Latest trend – wheat free rations   have multiple advantages. They are more фізіологічними (gluten free), contain from 70 up to 100% proteins of animal origin, цільні шматочки креветок or chicken meat. These features of the production line exclude the negative impact on a digestion system and are essential source of energy for animals.

The innovation of 2018 - Optimeal Privilege product line, is a special nutrition system for small and tiny dogs which considers their specific needs. It contains wheat free and hypo allergic ratios, and is made with the best possible balance of micro and macro elements that ensures animals wellbeing. The special form of  granules helps to keep the cavity hygiene and reduces teeth stone.

In November 2017 in Kyiv under the auspices of the Ukrainian Veterinary Guild and Kormotech company, started «Optimeal Expert School». School is oriented to upgrade the professional qualification of specialists in the industry. The main mission of the company is to develop veterinary medicine, cynology and felinology in Ukraine in order to improve the quality of life of the house hold animals.

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