In June 2018 the Optimeal production had a kick off at SuperZoo2018 in Las Vegas. 

After two years of hard work getting all the permits, running numerous necessary tests for all the products of the brand and final registration of TM Optimeal the selling license in the USA has been received The highest standards of not only the product itself but all it ingredients were recognized by the FDA (Food And Drug Administration)Agricultural Department of USA US Customs. The quality inspection starts with the inspection of the suppliers of the ingredients for the brand, and in case one of the ingredients doesn’t meet the high requirements – the brand will not be allowed to enter the US market.

WE are extremely proud of such recognition of the quality of Optimeal products and would like to express our gratitude to all involved in the manufacturing process. But most of all to our customers for inspiration and motivation for improvement.

As the philosophy of Optimeal is – Perfection through Nutrition!

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