The main priorities for the school:
To increase the professional level of the vet industry participants (veterinarians, owners of the wet clinics) cynologists and felinologists and other participants of the zoo market (sellers at the zoo stores)

Main tasks:
Development of the veterinary medicine, cynology and felinology in Ukraine, upgrading the professional qualification of specialists in the zoo industry in order to increase the quality of life of domestic animals.

 ?School format:
• Location: Kyiv
• Setting up the learning environment: one location for the theoretical classes, another location for practical classes.
• Working time  – all year round from Monday till Friday? With a break for the summer holidays (July-August) and New Year holidays (January).

 ?Structure of the curriculum:
Classes take place 4 weeks a month. There are 4 modules every month:

1. Module for educated veterinarians doctors with a narrow specialty field  
2. Module for the beginning veterinarians
3. Module for breeders (cats or dogs) with Ukrainian lecturer-veterinarian and lead handler (or expert) 4. Module for sellers (or owners) at the zoo stores with the lecturers-experts in the field of vet business management. The duration for each module is 3-5 days, depending upon the complexity of the program.

 ?Educational system:
• There is an exam after every level of education that the student should take, the gained score will define is a student getting a diploma or not.
• In order to move to another level of education  in a specific field one should have the diploma for the previous level.
• One can take the test without attending classes, if his level of knowledge is quite high and he is willing to go straight to advanced  level.

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