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Beauty is a result of good health. Thus, there must be a healthy approach to beauty. Optimeal Beauty is a line developed based on the holistic approach, it is a daily balanced ration that cares not only for your pet`s health but also for their beauty and emotional harmony.

Optimeal is super-premium nutrition for cats and dogs, developed under the supervision of veterinarians. Its unique recipe for pet health and beauty is made up of carefully selected meats, useful herbs, berries, natural antioxidants and prebiotics.


IMMUNITY SUPPORT MIX - effective combination of antioxidants, β-glucans and prebiotics in the OPTIMEAL diet

In June 2018 the Optimeal production had a kick off at SuperZoo2018 in Las Vegas. 

New trend for canine nutrition: OPTIMEAL PRIVILEGE

On 8th of May 2018 at an international expo Interzoo in  Nurnberg (Germany) brand of a super premium nutrition for domestic pets  Optimeal presented a new line of feeds for small and tiny dogs Optimeal Privilege.

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Optimeal Nutrition



Optimeal is super-premium nutrition for cats and dogs, developed under the supervision of veterinarians. Its unique recipe for pet health and beauty is made up of carefully selected meat ingredients, a natural antioxidant, prebiotics, berries, healthy herbs. All this contributes to the daily, natural protection of a cat or dog's immunity.

In Ukraine, Optimeal products are manufactured using the special technology from Swiss Pet Nutrition Group GMBH, which includes 3 main criteria:

  • Quality;
  • Natural origins;
  • Manufacturability.

About 80% of the ingredients contained in the diet are imported and undergo a thorough quality check, and are also checked for the content of proteins, fats, calcium, phosphorus. The rations fully comply with the basic safety criteria of the FEDIAF and the ISO 22000 standard. They have also been successfully tested at the Kennel De Morgenstond - the Netherlands Animal Nutrition Institute and the Veterinary Medicine Institute in Warsaw and are now exported to France, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Lithuania and 26 other countries.

Optimeal Quality Pet Nutrition

Optimeal products include dry food for dogs and cats. For the latter, wet canned food is also produced.


Most diets for dogs are mono-protein, that is, they contain only one type of meat, e.g.:

  • turkey;
  • duck;
  • chicken.

For large and medium breeds of dogs prone to food allergies, you can select a hypoallergenic diet with salmon.


For kittens and adult cats, there are a number of dry rations out of chicken, duck, lamb, and also wet canned food out of:

  • veal;
  • lamb;
  • chicken;
  • rabbit.

For sterilized cats, there is a separate kind of rations, made out of turkey and oats.


Also among the TM Optimeal assortment there is a special line of rations, which is unique in the Ukrainian market - non-grain food for adult cats and dogs made from duck or turkey meat and vegetables. These rations do not contain cereals, and the necessary amount of proteins is achieved with the help of carefully selected duck or turkey meat (which, unlike chicken, is used less often). Therefore, for animals that are prone to food allergies and have never eaten duck or turkey meat before, these hypoallergenic rations will be the best option. They contain up to 95% protein of animal origin, which is biologically suitable for pets, who by their nature are predators.


Each of the products mentioned above has a balanced composition and contains an optimal amount of nutrients, so it can be used for daily feeding of a dog or a cat. It is important to choose the right diet for your pet - this is the main guarantee of their health and beauty.

Immunity Support Mix – supporting a strong immune system in your pet

Each type of rations is developed on the basis of the invention of Kormotech experts - IMMUNITY SUPPORT MIX - and is enriched with a number of components necessary to maintain the immune system of animals.

Omega 3 and 6, zinc, biotin

Omega 3 and 6 helps maintain healthy skin and beautiful hair, and:

  • stimulates skin regeneration;
  • Reduces the risk of allergic reactions;
  • Reduces hair loss;
  • Reduces the risk of rashes.

Zinc has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and protects the intestines, skin, and fur. Its main reserves are found in bone tissues, cellular structures, muscles, skin and wool.

Biotin (which also called "the beauty vitamin") improves the synthesis of collagen. This guarantees the good condition of animal skin and hair.


This ingredient is developed from the outer layer of yeast cells and positively affects the health of the digestive system of pets. It attracts pathogenic bacteria and, by attaching them to itself, removes them from the digestive system.

Also, the probiotic has other effects:

  • prevents the likelihood that the pathogenic microflora will adhere to the wall of the intestine;
  • increases the number of bifid bacteria and lactobacilli in the lumen of the intestine;
  • provides the necessary pH value, which is necessary for the operation of enzymes;
  • increases the amount of Ig A contained in the intestinal mucosa;
  • improves the quantity and quality of faeces;
  • increases the immune response to vaccination (by about 20%);
  • improves the process of digesting soluble fibre.

In addition, the prebiotic is stable under any conditions: high temperature, extrusion or long-term storage..

Natural antioxidants – SubSTAR Ultra (rosemary-based formula)

Antioxidants provide reliable protection of body cells from damage, and also strengthen immunity. And this is very important, because every day, every animal organism is exposed to free radicals, which are formed when cells are damaged from oxidative processes. If you do not take any measures, free radicals will lead to further damage to the cells. Natural antioxidants slow down the action of free radicals and further damage to cells, so free radicals do not interfere with the functioning of the immune system. Such protection is very important for preventing health problems.


MacroGuard – a Source of Beta-Glucans

Beta-glucans are natural immunomodulators (which are obtained from the walls of cells of fungi and yeast). They have a unique structure, due to which they can be combined with receptors of immune blood cells and cause their activation. This enhances the work of both local and general animal immunity.

Optimeal Guarantees Healthy Growth and Development of Animals

Properties of the main components contained in OptiMeal products:

  1. Selected meat is used as a source of animal protein. In some rations, its share is up to 95%.
  2. Cranberry normalizes the pH of urine and prevents the occurrence of urinary tract infections.
  3. Dried grapes are rich in B vitamins, and also vitamins A and C. In addition, it contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, chlorine, iron, and boron. Thanks to such a number of useful elements, it positively affects the immune system of animals.
  4. The root of the marshmallow. Contains vitamin C, essential oil, galacturonic acid, pentose, hexose, betaine, asparagine, lecithin, etc. Thanks to this, it has a positive effect on the digestive tract, improves the condition of the skin, wool and prevents the appearance of urolithiasis.
  5. Flax-seed. It is a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega 3 and 6, which improve skin and fur health.
  6. Thyme. It is a natural stimulant that has a tonic effect on the body. Contains a whole set of vitamins, organic acids, tannins, flavonoids, carotene, thymol and cymene.
  7. Ginseng. Contains vitamins A, B, B1, B2, phosphoric, panaxic, ascorbic acid, manganese, iron, panax, panaxylon, ginsenin, etc. Thanks to such quantity of useful substances it positively influences immunity, energizes the pet, improves eyesight and brain activity.
  8. Yeast. They are used as a source of proteins, beta-glucans, vitamins and other useful microelements. Positively affect the body of animals in general.
  9. Prebiotics. Ensure an optimal balance of intestinal microflora.


Thus, Optimeal nutrition is balanced rations, containing in its composition a unique set of meat ingredients, berries, herbs, and prebiotics. Therefore, the super-premium pet food of our brand is the best choice.

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