Complete dry pet food for puppies of large breeds - turkey
Provides healthy growth and development of strong skeleton of puppies. Improves the ability to learn. Strengthens the immune system
Hypoallergenic dry dog food for adult dogs of miniature and small breeds - high in LAMB with rice
Reduces the possibility of allergic reactions in dogs due to the hypoallergenic protein of lamb. Helps to keep the health of teeth and urinary system. Strengthens the immune system
Grain Free wet food for adult dogs – VEAL and CHICKEN FILLET in sauce
With whole chicken fillet pieces in sauce. GRAIN FREE
Grain free dry dog food for adult dogs all breeds - TURKEY and veggies
Does not contain cereals and gluten. Supports the optimum weight of the animal and protects the digestive system from the load. Reduces the risk of food allergies. Strengthens the immune system
Hypoallergenic complete dry pet food for adult dogs of medium and large breeds – SALMON
Salmon is the only source of hypoallergenic protein that prevents the development of allergies in dogs. Strengthens the immune system.
Dry dog food for adult dogs of large breeds - CHICKEN
Strengthens the immune system. Natural sources of glucosamine and chondroitin support the health of joints, and high-quality protein strengthens the muscles of the dog
Dry pet food for adult dogs of medium breeds – TURKEY
Supports healthy digestion of the dog. Helps to strengthen muscles. Strengthens the immune system
Dry dog food for adult dogs of small breeds - DUCK
Supports health of sensitive digestive system of small dog breeds. Strengthens the immune system. A special granule texture helps clean teeth from plaque
Dry dog food for puppies of all breeds - TURKEY
Provides healthy growth and development of strong skeleton of puppies. Improves the ability to learn. Strengthens the immune system

Premium feed for dogs

Super premium class dog food Optimeal is the best that you can offer your pet. Manufactured by a special recipe and under the strict supervision of experts, veterinarians, nutritionists, it contains a complete set of elements necessary for the health of a pet. In addition, super premium food increases the immunity of the dog, protecting it from negative external influences.

What is food of super premium class?

A key feature of the super premium class Optimeal dog food - naturalness and high quality. There are no additives and colorants that will negatively affect the health of your pet. Products from the Optimeal manufacturer contain exclusively natural components:

  • selected meat; 
  • prebiotics;
  • useful herbs and berries;
  • immunomodulating components (which protect the immunity of the dog).

Another key feature of this product is that more than 80% of the components are imported from around the world, and the production complies with the food industry standard for people - ISO 22000. Plus, it meets the basic requirements of the European Federation FEDIAF, thanks to which it is sold in many EU countries, including Ukraine.

Quality diets for your pets

Our store offers you the opportunity to buy quality dry dog food (some consumers perceive them as holistic) and pouches. The catalog contains professional food rations, which differ by many criteria. 

Depending on the age of your pet, you can buy:

  1. Food for puppies. The presence of fresh meat in the form of minced meat will provide a young organism with a fast-digested protein of animal origin and calories necessary for growth. And the optimal combination of calcium and vitamin D3 contributes to the development of a strong skeleton of the puppy.
  2. Food for adult dogs. You can choose from a variety of rations, including chicken, salmon, duck, turkey, etc.

Also our catalog offers a qualitative dog ration of 3 different types:

  1. Basic. Designed for adult pets.
  2. Special (hypoallergenic). Designed for dogs that are prone to allergic reactions. To reduce the likelihood of their development, the diet uses a hypoallergenic source of protein - salmon meat, as well as a mix of herbs, berries and prebiotics.
  3. Non-grain. This food line is unique, since it has no analogues in the domestic market. It is used for animals that are prone to allergies to food. Firstly, there are no cereals in the grain-free rations. Secondly, they contain selected duck meat or turkey (sometimes - chicken), due to which your pet gets the right amount of protein.

According to the form of release, there are 2 more types of elite rations:

  1. Dry food. It is made from meat with the addition of vegetables and cereals. Produced in the form of small pieces, dried and enriched with a mixture of fats, useful vitamins. Positively affects the teeth, it is characterized by economical consumption, convenient dosing and use (you can take it with you).
  2. Wet food (canned). Contains the same components as dry rations, as well as a large amount of water. Has an appetizing smell, taste and is very easily chewed. Due to the presence of moisture it prevents the development of urolithiasis. Produced in packages of a certain portion (according to the age and weight of the dog).

Also in our store you can choose the suitable diets according to the breed of your pet. In this case, they are divided into 2 subcategories:

  1. For dogs of small breeds. These are complex rations, containing everything necessary for a full life of the pet. They differ by small portions (since chihuahua, dachshunds and Yorkshire terriers have small stomachs and eat less than, for example, labradors), but they are equal in caloric content to forages intended for dogs of large breeds.
  2. For dogs of medium breeds. They have a balanced composition and maintain the pet's health at the optimal level without causing overeating and preventing the possibility of obesity.
  3. For large dogs. They have a balanced composition and maintain the pet's health at the optimal level without causing overeating and preventing the possibility of obesity. This food contains chondroitin and glucosamine for joint health.

As for the meat ingredients, the choice of rations is following:

  • chicken;
  • duck;
  • turkey;
  • salmon;
  • rabbit.

Thanks to this wide range you can easily find the best food:

  • for pregnant dogs;
  • for old dogs;
  • for sterilized dogs.


Elite dog food Optimeal is a guarantee of the full life of your pet

The store's catalog contains quality dry dog food (sometimes called a holistic) and pouches, which contain many useful ingredients that positively influence the beauty and health of pets:

  • Betaglucans directly affect the support of animal immunity and contribute to its strengthening;
  • Omega 3 will improve the condition of your pet's coat and make it beautiful, as well as reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions;
  • Biotin will improve the synthesis of collagen and make the skin healthy;
  • Zinc will positively affect the condition of the coat, and at the same time prevent its loss;
  • Prebiotic Actigen will improve the work of the digestive tract and accelerate the removal of pathogenic bacteria from the body;
  • Antioxidants based on rosemary retain food from spoilage, and protect the body cells of the animal from damage, maintain immunity and prevent diseases due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Due to this composition, Optimeal's elite rations are among the best. They are suitable for ordinary owners of pets as well as for dog breeders. As for the cost, it fully justifies itself. After all, super premium food is the guarantee of a healthy and long life of your pet.

Therefore, if you want to buy quality food rations for a dog or puppy - explore our catalog and choose the right products. Optimeal food is sold all over the country, so you can place an order with delivery to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro or any other city of Ukraine.

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