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Mykolai Shevchenko
| 18 July 2017
Is it safe to feed a cat or a dog with optimeal products?

Yes! Quality is one of the main criteria for which we are guided in the manufacture of our products. OptiMeal products have been tested in the Netherlands (KENNEL DE MORGENSTOND), in Poland (Warsaw Institute of Veterinary Medicine). Moreover, OptiMeal products were tested by the All-Ukrainian guild of veterinarians and received more than 90% of positive reviews, which is a real sign of recognition of the product’s quality. The testing was conducted by more than one hundred veterinarians of Ukraine and recommended super premium OptiMeal for feeding dogs and cats.

Nikolai Shevchenko
| 18 July 2017
Is there enough meat in the products? Which meat is used in the production of the pet food?

Since cats are 100% carnivorous animals, the amount of meat in the diet of these animals is especially important. Meat in products for dogs is also very important, because it is proteins of animal origin that are necessary for animals to build strong muscles. The technology used in formulations of OptiMeal products allows to include fresh meat in the products and at the same time preserve its useful properties. High content of selected chicken, turkey, duck, salmon, lamb, rabbit and veal will provide the animal with a high-quality digestible protein of animal origin. Some OptiMeal diets contain up to 95% of animal protein in their composition.

Ira Blotska
| 18 July 2017
Will the animal have a beautiful coat when consuming optimeal products? which product should I choose for a beautiful coat?

The entire range of OptiMeal products contains a special complex for healthy skin and shiny wool. This complex includes unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, zinc and biotin. Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids improve the regeneration of the skin, reduce the risk of allergic reactions, reduce the risk of skin inflammation and reduce hair loss. The main reserves of zinc are found in the cellular structures of the skin, wool, muscles and bone tissue. Also, zinc has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Biotin – the "vitamin of beauty" - due to the content of sulphur in its formula improves the synthesis of collagen, which has a very positive effect on the condition of the skin and wool.

Olena Gres'
| 18 July 2017

The entire OptiMeal product line contains a special mixture developed by experts - Immunity Support Mix, which supports the work of the immune system of animals.

The natural, rosemary-based antioxidant SubSTAR ULTRA, produced in Slovenia, is used as a preservative. In addition to protecting food components from spoilage, it also protects animal cells from damage, strengthens immunity and prevents diseases due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

The new generation prebiotic Actigen will ensure that your pet has a healthy digestive system, maintaining a balance of beneficial microflora in the intestine. This unique ingredient is made from the outer layer of yeast cells and plays an important role in maintaining the health of the digestive system. Pathogenic bacteria are attracted and attached to these yeast fractions of a unique form and are removed from the digestive tract, rather than harming it.

The source of beta-glucan is MacroGuard, it will support the work of the immune system of a cat or dog and will provide your pet with a long and healthy life. Beta-glucans are natural immunomodulators, which are obtained from the walls of cells of fungi and yeast. Their specific structure allows them to combine with receptors of immune cells of blood, causes activation of these cells and promotes strengthening of immunity work.

Do Optimeal products contain only natural components or there are artificial ones?

OptiMeal food is developed under the supervision of veterinarians and contains specially selected natural ingredients of the highest quality: meat, herbs and berries. Food does not contain artificial dyes and preservatives.

| 18 July 2017

The entire OptiMeal line of power meets all the criteria of the super-premium segment. Products are made only from natural ingredients, do not contain artificial colours and preservatives, contain a high percentage of meat in its composition contain additional high-tech components that significantly improve the quality of life of animals.

Where, apart from Ukraine, is the Optimeal food being sold?

To date, OptiMeal products are sold in 16 countries, including countries such as France, Netherlands, Poland, Hungary, Latvia, Estonia, Tunisia and many others. Every three years our production passes ISO 22000 certification according to the standards of the European Federation of Animal Nutrition Manufacturers - FEDIAF.

Is there less meat in the cat food than in the dog food? Or did I misunderstand something

Here it is difficult to generalize. The content of meat ingredients varies in both products. In dog foods, from 27% to 57%, in cat foods: from 29% to 53%.

The content of meat ingredients in each recipe is calculated taking into account many aspects: dietology, legislation, quality, extrusion, feeding, added value as information off-pack, eating and straining.

I'm very confused by the presence of preservatives... the food does not spoil for weeks…

In the formulations Optimeal uses an antioxidant of natural origin on the basis of rosemary. That is why the shelf life of dry food has decreased from 18 months to 12 months.

Миколай Шевченко
| 18 July 2017
Где кроме Украины продается корм оптимил?

На сьогоднішній день раціони OptiMeal продаються в 16 країнах світу. В тому числі такі країни, як Франція, Нідерланди, Польща, Угорщина, Латвія, Естонія, Туніс та багато інших. Щотри роки наше виробництво проходить сертифікацію ISO 22 000 за стандартами Європейської Федерації Виробників Харчування Тварин – FEDIAF.

Николай Шевченко
| 18 July 2017
В кормах для кошек меньше мяса чем для собак? или я чего-то не понял

Тут важко узагальнити. Вміст мясних інгредієнтів варіюється в обидвох продуктах. В собачих: від 27% до 57%, в котячих: від 29% до 53%.

Вміст м’ясних інгредієнтів в кожній рецептурі розраховується з врахуванням багатьох аспектів: дієтологія, законодавство, якість, екструзія, згодовування, added value as information off-pack, поїдаємість та стравність.

Миколай Шевченко
| 18 July 2017
Меня очень смущает наличие консервантов.... Корм не портится неделями..

У рецептурах Optimeal використовується антиоксидант природного походження на основі розмарину. Саме тому термін придатності сухого корму зменшився від 18 міс до 12.

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