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Optimeal for kittens - CHICKEN
It cares about digestion, due to the optimal ratio of Ca, P and vitamin D3, high quality protein and prebiotics. Strengthens immunity
Dry pet food for adult cats – CHICKEN
Takes care of digestion due to high-quality protein and prebiotics. Strengthens immunity. A special granule texture cleans teeth
Dry cat food for adult cats - high in VEAL
Carefully selected nutrient balance. Strengthens the immune system
Pet food for adult cats with sensitive digestion – LAMB
Supports healthy digestion due to dietary meat of lamb and prebiotics – MOS and chicory. Strengthens the immune system
Pet food for adult cats hairball control - DUCK
Improves bowel permeability and prevents the formation of fur balls in the stomach. Strengthens the immune system
Dry cat food for sterilised cats - TURKEY and oat
Keeps the urinary system healthy due to the balanced content of minerals. Supports optimal weight thanks to L-carnitine. Strengthens the immune system
Grain free dry cat food for adult cats - DUCK and veggies
Does not contain cereals and gluten. Supports the optimum weight of the animal and protects the digestive system from the load. Reduces the risk of food allergies. Strengthens the immune system.
Grain free complete dry cat food for adult cats - TURKEY and veggies
Does not contain cereals and gluten. Supports the optimum weight of the animal and protects the digestive system from the load. Reduces the risk of food allergies. Strengthens the immune system.
Wet food for adult cats with LAMB and veggies in jelly
Wet food for adult cats with RABBIT in white sauce
Wet food for adult cats with VEAL in cranberry sauce
Wet food for kittens - CHICKEN
Canned pet food with veal, chicken fillet and spinach in sauce
for adult cats grain free
Canned pet food with salmon and shrimps in sauce
for adult cats Grain free
Complete сanned pet food with lamb and chicken fillet in pumpkin jelly
for adult cats grain free
Wet cat food for sterilised cats with TURKEY and CHICKEN FILLET in sauce
With whole chicken fillet pieces

Premium feed for cats

The first question that faces owners of cats of any breed is how to feed the animals so that they are always healthy, playful, and their fur is beautifully shining. Super premium class food Optimeal is a modern balanced food for your furry pets, created using the latest Swiss technologies based on natural ingredients. Developed by the best veterinary dieticians, the recipes fully comply with the requirements of the cat's body, taking into account its physiological characteristics.

Super premium food for cats - what is it and what is this thing for?

One of the most important parts of the conditions of the cat's maintenance is a complete diet, it determines the health and duration of life of the animal. Especially this applies to cats who live at home.

"Optimeal" produces a wide range of animal food, which contains high quality ingredients obtained from selected meat varieties, and with a special production processing, not exceeding 127 degrees Celsius, which allows to save vitamins and minerals. Vegetable and animal fat is introduced into the pellets of food under the influence of vacuum, with the help of automated high-tech equipment. This completely excludes the access of oxygen, food retains its nutritional properties for as long as possible.

In addition to high quality meat of animals and birds, the food also contains:

  • probiotics of the new generation Actigen;
  • antioxidants based on rosemary;
  • omega 3 and 6 fatty acids;
  • zinc / biotin;
  • vegetables and herbs.

High quality of the product is achieved not only with the help of high-precision equipment, but also with careful monitoring of veterinary specialists, nutritionists. And the main thing is that the production is certified according to the standard of food production for people - FSSC2200.

Food for cats: rations that can be called elite

Manufactuurers have taken into account all the needs and whims of animals, also provided for such factors as: age, conditions of detention, species peculiarities.

Depending on the age requirements of the animal, rations are divided into:

  1. Food for kittens. It contains chicken minced meat, thanks to which there will be no problem with chewing and the body will get quickly digestible protein. There is a unique immunobiological complex, vitamins, minerals.
  2. Food for adult cats. Contains different kinds of meat (chicken, veal, rabbit, duck). The choice depends on the taste preferences of the cat.

Depending on the type, the following elite food for cats is produced:

  1. Basic - suitable for feeding adult cats living a normal life, not experiencing increased stress, or other adverse loads on the body.
  2. Special – it is used for sterilized and castrated cats.
  3. Non-cereal – it does not contain cereal in its composition, is enriched with protein from hypoallergic varieties of meat - turkeys, ducks. You can use it in the diet of animals that are prone to allergic reactions.

According to the form of release, the food can be of 2 kinds, dry and wet.

1. Dry food - is a small granule. Its consumption has a positive effect on the state of tooth enamel, while eating it prevents the appearance of tartar, easy to use, can be taken with you on a trip, it is well kept.

2. Wet food - in comparison with dry, it has pieces that include a small amount of moisture, soft, has a consistency of a stew.

Super premium food: a unique composition - the guarantee of your pet's health

Each position of the food of the elite class, contains a unique immuno-fortifying complex, specially purified beta-glucans - derived from yeast cells, they help to increase the defenses of the young organism, strengthen immunity after vaccination. Also, super premium cat food will enhance the high immune status of adult cats. The use of beta-glucans in nutrition is also recommended for people, their action is proved by numerous studies of authoritative institutions.

For normal functioning of the intestine, the food contains beet pulp in the stern, it will improve the intestinal peristalsis. It is a natural plant prebiotic, which the animal needs to maintain normal microflora. On packs with food it is reffered as "actigen", which has a number of positive functions:

  1. Prevents the development of pathogenic microflora.
  2. Increases the number of bifido- and lactobacilli.
  3. Restores the damaged intestinal mucosa.
  4. Maintains a normal pH level.

The presence of antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids help to quickly neutralize the pro-inflammatory processes in the body, protects the joints, serves as cardio and hepatoprotector.

Complex zinc / biotin, positively affects the skin condition. Biotin is an indispensable component, as it takes part in the synthesis of collagen.

Elite food for cats Optimeal – the quality that your cat likes

Today the production of dry animal food significantly simplifies the life of the owner. Drawing up a diet of homemade food is not an easy task, many mistakenly believe that the cat should eat milk, fish, sour cream. This is a delusion that has haunted human consciousness for many years, taken from cartoons and fairy tales. A cat is a predator in the diet of which there should be meat, more than 60%, and the remaining third should be of vegetable fiber, carbohydrates, fats. Since we have domesticated this beautiful animal, it is neither possible nor necessary for it to run after the prey. We started offering it food from the table, which is completely wrong. Long-term consumption of fish, because of its phosphorus content and minerals, can contribute to the development of genitourinary diseases. The most common of which is urolithiasis.

Super premium class cat food of the Optimil brand is loved and widely used not only by the owners of furry friends, but also in nurseries and clubs. 

Optimeal Company has won the trust and respect not only in Ukraine, it also supplies dry and wet food to more than 16 countries. Due to its approach to production, the international food standard ISO 22000 was obtained.

When choosing a food for your pet, it is worth giving preference to the best, because the life and health of the animal depend on it.

Order and purchase food from the manufacturer, it will not be difficult wherever you are (Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa). All of this can be easily done in the online mode. If you have any questions, our consultants would be very happy to help.

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