Optimeal: perfected production

Modernized and strictly controlled production is the guarantee of quality of Optimeal products. 

The preparation of dry products takes place on the SPROUT MATADOR extruder (Denmark) at a temperature of no higher than 127 ° C - in order to maximize the useful properties of fresh meat. Fat is injected into the granules using the vacuum method - contact with oxygen is avoided, that is, the fat is not oxidized and retains nutritional properties for as long as possible.

The wet product is produced on meat processing equipment from KARL SCHNELL (Germany), and sterilized in STERIFLOW autoclaves. This French brand is the leader in the manufacture of pasteurization equipment in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

To avoid mistakes in the production of dry products and fully automate the process, which is managed by just one experienced operator, we use the software product of the Danish company LODAM.

But the key to quality of the product is not just the equipment, but first of all ingredients. USA, Germany France, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, India, Mauritania, New Zealand - that's the geography of the origin countries for the component products Optimeal.

All Optimeal products are tested and scored at the Dutch Institute for Animal Nutrition (KENNEL DE MORGENSTOND), Warsaw Institute of Veterinary Medicine.

Quality Optimeal products for pets are valued not only in Ukraine, but are also successfully exported to 26 countries. This was achieved due to the fact that in 2007 the ISO 22000 standard was introduced at the production, developed by the International Organization for Standardization for Food Safety.

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